Control System for Fork Truck Drivers

The Client: Foundry Facility


The foundry process included pouring molten steel into molds to form certain parts. Once the pouring process is complete the parts are transported to by fork truck to annealing ovens. From the annealing ovens the parts are moved to quench tanks. These are large tanks of water that the parts are lowered into at certain rates and remain in the tank for certain amounts of time. The fork truck driver would dismount the fork truck at each of these processes to open doors or adjust the equipment for loading or unloading the parts.

The client needed a wireless system to allow the fork truck driver to control certain functions in the foundry.


LEC designed a wireless system for this facility to allow the fork truck drivers to control the specific critical functions in the foundry. The fork truck drivers now have an iPad mounted on the fork truck. The iPad is interfaced to a wireless network that includes ten (10) different PLC’s that control the various desired function areas.