LEC Celebrates Manufacturing Week 2020

Friday, October 2, 2020

Press Contact: Liz Densmore, APR; Ldensmore@LECINC.com; 601.939.8535

Happy #MFGDAY20!

“As we celebrate MFG Day across the country over the next month, we are reminded of the important role that modern manufacturing plays in each of our lives. From the masks and clothes we wear to the food we eat, modern manufacturing is at the heart of our country and, as the pandemic continues, will lead the way to our recovery and renewal. This year’s MFG Day, more so than ever before, is a uniquely powerful opportunity to bring awareness to the high-paying, rewarding and meaningful career opportunities in our industry and to open minds to what’s possible with a career in modern manufacturing.”

-- MI Executive Director Carolyn Lee

LEC is proud of the role we play in helping to move industry forward!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Press Contact: Liz Densmore, APR; Ldensmore@LECINC.com; 601.939.8535

As we celebrate #ManufacturingWeek2020, LEC salutes the many manufacturers who stepped up to produce the critical products and equipment needed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. We’re proud of the role we play in supporting our manufacturing workforce.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Press Contact: Liz Densmore, APR; Ldensmore@LECINC.com; 601.939.8535

As we continue celebrating #ManufacturingWeek2020, we're taking a look at LEC's latest IIoT technology breakthroughs, and how this technology is making profound change on the factory floor.

Listen in as Justin Hogue, professional engineer, VP of business development, LEC, talks with Connected World's Peggy Smedley about the growth of the industrial IoT, and how it has allowed manufacturers to achieve better reporting, security, and bottom lines. He addresses how a facilitating approach to the IoT can help remove the gaps or barriers associated with initial integration.

Listen Here: Simplifying I-IoT, The Peggy Smedley Show Podcast

source: The Peggy Smedley Show Podcast

Monday, September 28, 2020

Press Contact: Liz Densmore, APR; Ldensmore@LECINC.com; 601.939.8535

We’re celebrating #ManufacturingWeek2020 in our headquarter state: Mississippi.

LEC is proud of our 30-year history of helping to move industry forward in the Magnolia State, and around the globe. Learn more: https://www.lecinc.com/anniversary

Governor Reeves Declares September 28-October 2 Manufacturing Week in Mississippi

JACKSON, MS - Monday marks the beginning of Manufacturing Week in Mississippi, and it is a week that will highlight the work being done to promote a strong manufacturing climate in the Magnolia State.

"Manufacturing is the engine that powers Mississippi's economy," said Governor Tate Reeves in his signed proclamation. "The economic future of Mississippi depends on a strong, growing, and competitive modern manufacturing industry."

Manufacturing is responsible for 16.18 percent of Mississippi's gross state product and employs 12.57 percent of the state's workforce. It is home to 37 Fortune 500 companies and 173 international companies. Combined, they host nearly 300 plants inside Mississippi's borders.

"We have an incredibly talented workforce in this state that produces products that are shipped all over the world." said MMA President and CEO John McKay. "We here at MMA want to use this occasion to highlight the incredible work done by thousands of individuals and companies around Mississippi. We also want to ensure the next generation knows these career opportunities are available to them and can be found in their backyard."

During Manufacturing Week, MMA will post a variety of content on its social media platforms to highlight what is being done to foster growth of the industry in Mississippi. This content will be available on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Manufacturing Matters in Mississippi

Manufacturing has always been an important part of our nation's economy. Similarly, in Mississippi, manufacturing continues to be a significant source of jobs for our citizens and one of the largest contributors to our state's economic profile. For example, for every direct job in manufacturing, another two jobs are created in the economy to support that job. The manufacturing industry is the backbone of Mississippi's economy. Manufacturing jobs pay higher wages and provide better benefits on average to employees and their families. Please take a moment to review the infographic images below that showcase how significant manufacturing is to Mississippi.