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January 22, 2019


Jackson, MS -- LEC, leaders in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enablement, today announces major upgrades to iQ2™, adding significant key features and functionality to the already award-winning IIoT platform.

iQ2, initially released in late 2017, is LEC’s next-generation, end-to-end IIoT platform solution that’s designed from an industrial automation engineering perspective to address individual needs and enable cutting-edge IIoT platform technology on the plant floor, for OEMs and for remote industrial assets. The just-released iQ2 upgrades include automated reporting, on demand exporting and reporting of tag history, and active map markers.

“These new upgrades to LEC’s revolutionary iQ2 platform provide additional value to users with the enhanced ability to further customize and control the secure collection of plant floor and remote asset data from anywhere, anytime,” said LEC’s Vice President of IIoT Strategy Brian Rosema. “It all comes down to design. iQ2 is not proprietary to specific hardware, it quickly and easily integrates with existing industrial automation and control systems, allows flexibility in integration, and requires low Non-Reoccurring Engineering (NRE) and ongoing costs.”

The iQ2 upgrades exceed all automation needs with additions such as contemporary, mobile-responsive widgets, extended alarm capabilities, and improved navigation options.


User Account

• Adds forgot/reset password functionality

User Sites (Company) Dashboard

• Map will now import markers for device locations that a user has access to

• Map markers will be dynamic for device alarm status

• Map markers allow click through directly to view device page

• Functionality to subscribe/unsubscribe from all device alerts for user assigned field sites

View Device Page

• Separate containers for inputs (Read Only) and outputs (Read/Write) with toggle functionality

• Widget reordering for each of the containers

• Toggle reordering functionality for smoother UI

• Output tags can be viewed and controlled inside the container with paired input as well as independently from its dropdown in the outputs container (Input / Output Independence)

• Improvements and extended functionality to alarm summary modals in each tag container

• Discrete tag widgets now display custom text for enabled and disabled status

Device Schema/Configuration

• Updated Device Schema for Operating Status field

• Allows client to send the platform additional device statuses beyond online or offline


• Conversion to dygraphs plotting library

• Y and X axis zooming and panning

• Improved tooltip

• Canvas plot handles much larger datasets

• New limits for single plot (Beta/Experimental)

• New limits for trend comparison plots (Beta/Experimental)

Device Configuration Page

• Includes two tag tables for inputs (Read Only) and outputs (Read/Write) with toggles to simplify viewing to interest

• New UI buttons to handle redirection for configuring news tags and alarms

• Improved navigation options to avoid dashboard clutter

Tag and Alarm Configuration

• Inputs (Read Only) and outputs (Read/Write) now completely independent

• Input/output pairing is still available through input tag editing after initial creation

• Removed modal tag and alarm creation

• Tag configuration now handled as bulk input with running summary

• Build multiple tags configuration and send single request to add to device

• Alarm configuration handled as bulk input now with running summary

• Build multiple alarm configurations and send single request to add to device

• "Lost Changes Notification" for user clicking and leaving the tags/alarms configuration page

On Demand Exporting (Reporting) of Tag History

• Schema for tag history tables modified for relational improvement and cleaner code

• Mass exports modified to export a single file with all tags grouped by timestamp

• Tags without values at a specific timestamp will have empty values in the file

Automated Reporting

• Added functionality for users to subscribe to daily, weekly Mondays, and monthly (1st) reports from Device Reporting Tools

• Reports mimic device mass export functionality for all tags

• Users will receive reports for each device and each subscription type through email with attached .csv file

• Reporting detects all time zones required for users on a particular device, generates a report for each time zone necessary, then blasts subscribers

The new iQ2 upgrades are immediately available.

For more information on the features and benefits of iQ2, visit iQ2™ Upgrades Are Here.

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