Newly Launched LEC, Red Lion Controls and Magnus Next-Generation IIoT Monitor and Control Solution Makes Significant Impact in Fracking Industry

Newly Launched LEC, Red Lion Controls and Magnus Next-Generation IIoT Monitor and Control Solution Makes Significant Impact in Fracking Industry

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Magnus Services, a start-up oilfield water management and automation company based in North Dakota is making a significant impact in the fracking industry. With the recent release of their H2Know solution, Magnus is more efficiently monitoring and controlling the supply of water to the fracking operations of key oil company clients across the U.S. This new solution is made possible thanks to LEC's just-released Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform technology: iQ2™, and Red Lion's IIoT-ready Cellular RTU's.

"We needed a way to remotely control the water supply and monitor water usage, pumps, storage tank levels and overall operational efficiencies of our mobile units that are relocated from site-to-site and customer-to-customer," said JR Ewing, CEO of Magnus Services. "H2Know being built on the backbone of LEC's iQ2 platform and secure cellular connectivity has allowed us to begin doing just that, while providing us the flexibility to add new custom features to meet the growing needs of our industry through a truly unique application."

Prior to the implementation of LEC's iQ2 into Magnus operations, two to four additional employees were required to be onsite to physically monitor tank levels, turn pumps on and off, open and close valves, and notify trucking companies when trucks with water were needed.

"This was a ground-up development effort. The entire system, from integration into the automation system, platform development and all related logic had to be engineered to meet the specific needs of Magnus," said LEC's Director of IIoT Strategy Brian Rosema. "We've been able to provide Magnus with an industry-first solution that allows their clients access to near real-time data related to the water control functions at their fracking sites via their H2Know Solution. This is a great example of how iQ2 can be leveraged to quickly and cost-effectively develop OEM IIoT solutions. Additionally, Red Lion's Cellular RTU allows for a highly dependable and fully integrated IIoT Solution."

iQ2 provides Magnus with multi-customer access to data via a web browser from any device, a fully mobile solution and cellular connectivity with the ability to operate in rugged, extreme conditions utilizing the RAM 6900 Series router hardware provided by LEC's strategic partners at Red Lion Controls.

"Red Lion's cellular RTUs are designed to provide industry-leading service in remote oil and gas markets," said Colin Geis, Director of Product Management – IIoT of Red Lion Controls, "Our integration of automation features and IIoT connectivity make it a compelling solution for our partners."

For Magnus Services, iQ2 is not only providing reliable remote monitoring and control capabilities and meaningful data, but also reduced onsite manpower costs and overall process improvement.

"The development and implementation of iQ2 has provided a market-first for Magnus and our H2Know Solution, and in the process, has helped to create a new business model for our company moving forward," said Ewing.

LEC's iQ2 is now available and ready to deploy to OEM, plant floor and other industrial remote asset clients, enabling the capture and visualization of actionable data from field assets with simplified connectivity to existing infrastructure.

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