LEC's Marketing Director Named to Connected World 2017 List of Women of IoT in Marketing

Talking Up the 2017 Women of IoT in Marketing

Connected World Announces 2017 Women of IoT in Marketing

To be an IoT (Internet of Things) marketer, it takes a deep understanding of technology, its applications, its limitations, and its potential. An IoT marketer must have the laser-sharp ability to hone in on a product or service’s unique strengths and the creativity to position that product or service accordingly. It requires above-average people skills and communication smarts, and it also takes something else: gumption.

In a fast-paced, competitive environment such as the IoT—an industry in which connected devices and services are being launched at a fast and furious pace—shaping the marketing strategy for a company, product, or service is more than important; it’s downright critical. Taking on such tasks every day are many shrewd and gutsy marketing executives with a passion for technology and a vision for where the IoT could take us as a society.

Last year, Connected World magazine introduced a sister list to its annual Women of M2M compilation of 42 influential executives in M2M and the IoT: the Women of IoT in Marketing. This marketing-specific list recognizes 10 female executives who direct the messaging that is key to just about every successful IoT adoption. This year’s winning marketers work for some of the industry’s most powerful IoT companies, including Arrow Electronics, Cisco, GE Digital, SAP, Wind River, and beyond. In some cases, they work with numerous companies via their own marketing/consulting firms. Either way, these marketing professionals are in charge of bringing technology from behind the scenes into the real world.

Without strong marketing talent at the helm, tech providers risk getting left behind no matter how innovative their products and services may be. That is why executives like this year’s top 10 female IoT marketers are crucial to the future growth of the industry. Congratulations to Connected World’s 2017 Women of IoT in Marketing, and thank you for all you do for the IoT —by Bethanie Hestermann and Peggy Smedley

The 2017 Women of IoT in Marketing

•Ryane Bohm, product marketing manager, GE Digital

•Maggie Chan Jones, CMO, SAP

•Liz Densmore, director, marketing, LEC

•Zaneta Kelsey, director, IoT marketing, Arrow Electronics

•Inbar Lasser-Raab, VP, products and solutions marketing, enterprise segment, Cisco

•Amanda Lowe, director, product marketing, Wind River

•Melissa Lederer, principal, ML Marketing and Communications

•Judith Rothrock, president, JRocket Marketing

•Jennifer Sewell, product marketing manager, mnubo

•Kimberly Tassin, director, marketing communications, Sequans Communications

For more information on the 2017 Women of IoT in Marketing winners, check out the Connected World article featured online at connectedworld.com.

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LEC's Liz Densmore Since 2013, following positions as a TV news reporter and anchor, the director of marketing for the USA Ballet Competition, and a communications manager at the Mississippi State Dept. of Health, Liz Densmore has been applying her 16-plus years of experience in marketing and communications at LEC, a provider of industrial automation control engineering. In her current role as director of marketing, Densmore helps shape LEC’s IIoT enablement message for clients, strategic partners, and communities. She is also active in her own community through organizations such as the Junior League of Jackson, a women’s organization that promotes voluntarism through action and leadership. More about Liz.