IIoT Enablement: The Reality Behind the Technology

IIoT Enablement: The Reality Behind the Technology

An LEC B-Link Blog Post, April 4, 2017
by Brian Rosema, LEC's Director of IIoT Strategy

As one that has seen the seeds of M2M grow into the lush opportunities of IoT, one thing remains clearly obvious to me: It was people…. brilliant, dedicated, resilient people that created and delivered the technology of today.

And frankly, these original visionaries and doers could fit in a fairly small room, and share stories about those that didn’t invest, couldn’t embrace and delayed launches.

Fast forward to today, and now we have access to a plethora of platforms, gateways, protocols and rich technology choices to the point of near chaos. With this brilliant expansion of choices and solution options has come the ease of implementation and recognition of real ROI. However, the reality of plug-n-play remains and will continue to remain elusive.

This evolution of IoT technology has truly brought us full circle, relying on people to truly enable the magnificent technology that has been created. The know-how to connect to legacy equipment, sensors and assets and how to accurately accumulate that data to produce optimized monitor and control solutions continues to rely on people.

Enablement without highly capable human resources is not an option. Delivering the true value of IoT will continue to rely on enablers and doers, and the scalability of IoT will continue to rely on those that own unique skills and knowledge.

Cheers to the humans!

About Brian Rosema: Brian has an extensive executive-level background in wireless data, M2M, IIoT, and wireless network architectures. As an IoT thought-leader, Rosema has written industry articles and presented at key industry events over the last decade. He has directed sales, business development, marketing and strategic alliances in a variety of roles with Red Lion, Digital Highway Inc., Protect Cell and Red Leaf Consulting Group. He has a BA in Business Administration from Hope College.

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