BLOG: What's different about LEC's new water metering solution?

BLOG by Matt Crites, Senior IIoT Sales Engineer

POSTED ON: Thursday, April 15, 2021

PRESS CONTACT: Liz Densmore, APR;; 601.939.8535

RECENT QUESTION FROM CLIENT: "What's different about LEC's new water metering solution?

LEC’s iQ Pulse water meter data collection system is meter agnostic, highly flexible, battery operated AMR device that collects hourly residential and commercial water usage and transmits the data to an intuitive and interactive portal via cellular networks.

Much more than simple meter reading, the iQPulse system provides robust data analytics and alarming that makes it truly a Smart Cities solution.

LEC recently participated in a trial with a municipality in the U.S. northeast. The municipality was currently using a drive-by RF system that required personnel and vehicles to collect data from the field.

The current system had a series of limitations that the municipality was hoping LEC could correct:

  • Some of the water meter locations within the municipalities footprint were unreadable by the current system;
  • A field technician would need to manually read and record the usage from a number of unreadable meters;
  • The current drive by radio system did not provide real time leakage monitoring and alarming and leaks could take a full billing cycle to detect;
  • Resources cost for manual reads and drive-by data collection were costly.

During this trial, the municipality purposely had LEC’s iQ Pulse system installed in areas where their current system was unsuccessful.

One particular location was in the middle of a customer driveway. The water meter was installed in a small narrow pit with a pit lid made of cast iron.

However, the iQPulse device was able to detect signal, connect to the cellular network, and successfully upload hourly usage data to the iQ Pulse portal.

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