LEC is dedicated to providing clients with industrial automation, control engineering and industrial IoT enablement and cloud platform services of the highest quality. Our unending commitment to our clients is the foundation of all LEC’s projects and motivates our team of professional engineers to invest time and energy into achieving complete satisfaction to those we serve. The continuous challenge to produce superior products and lead the industry in innovative technology has led to the creation of iQ PULSE.


iQ PULSE is the newest service in LEC’s cutting-edge technology platform offerings. This affordable, smart metering software is shaping consumption management into becoming more than an automatic collection of meter-reading data. iQ PULSE is a robust and proven technology system that is affordable and smart and offers several exclusive features, including the compilation of more than just meter-reading data, reporting events and anomalies in near real-time, and managing a vast amount of data collected with built-in data analytics.





iQ PULSE Solution Differentiators

  • Intelligent Transceivers
    • Distributed Processing
    • Remote Decision-making
    • Near Real-time Alert/Event Identification
  • Multiple Applications
    • Several Solutions Operating on the Same Wireless Networks
  • Scalability
    • Cost-effective Solution for a Small or Large Site
  • Synchronization
    • Accurate, Exact Meter Readings from Every Meter in the System Simultaneously