LEC Decline - n - Weight Solutions via Adams

In the dry fertilizer blending and application business, Adams Fertilizer Equipment introduces the “smartest” declining weight blend system in the industry.   Adams has both Single hopper “Smart” liquid impregnating declining weight systems as well as several multi-hopper designs including standard, low profile, small, and micro nutrient hoppers for dry mixing combined with a state-of-the-art declining weight liquid impregnation system as well.   The Adams Engineering team constantly strives to incorporate new technology with leaner and simpler ways to operate blending equipment.

In 2015 Adams introduced a new blender line for the Declining Weigh Blender market.  Adams  Decline-N-Weight blender consists of several weigh hoppers inline that deliver an accurate and continuously weighed material fed into a 18” screw conveyor underneath. The screw conveyor thoroughly mixes and blends products and/or liquid impregnated materials as it transports the load to a tender truck. Coupled with LEC’s PLC Control System (smart panel) and an easy-to-use touch screen interface, the Adams Decline-N-Weight System can be controlled by anyone - even with only a little computer experience.  If you can run a smart phone, you can run the Adams Decline-N-Weight Blend system with LEC technology. 

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In addition to the accuracy and the easy-to-use touch screen interface, blend time was not compromised. Depending on the actual blend being run, a 40,000 pound load could be completed in as little as 4-6 minutes on most blends. You want accuracy? – Combine Adams’s precision weigh hoppers and conveying system with LEC’s Controls. How does typically being off less than 100 pounds on a 46,000 pound load suit you? This was typical load data gathered in the field on real world blends compared between LEC’s Control system and NTEP (read this as “INTEP”) Certified Truck Scales – on the site. That means this system’s accuracy is typically within one quarter of one percent.

LEC’s PLC Control system also uses off-the-shelf components. Some competitors use proprietary components that you can’t get from anybody else – but them.  

In addition, the control system is scalable. If the end user decides they want to add two new large bins and two new micro bins in the future – no problem. LEC can add the components to the current control system - inside the current control cabinet – without having to upgrade any of the major PLC controls components. This keeps future upgrade costs at a minimum.

 The Adams Decline-N-Weight Blend system with LEC technology features:
• Hopper modularity: replace or add more hoppers as required of different capacity and dispensing capability.
• Ease of maintenance and cleaning: all stainless steel material, removable hopper delivering systems with only 4 bolts
• Interchangeable side guard mounts for both side loading and for greater capacity that converts from a 5,7,10, and 12 ton capacity hoppers.
• Front Splash Guards between hoppers keeps material from falling through tough areas to clean out.
• Individual  hopper lights warning of low fertilizer weight in hopper for loaders attention
• Industry leading cellular interface for remote troubleshooting of the control system by LEC if required – no need to wait for a technician to travel to the site in most cases.
• Parts include Dodge gearboxes and Baldor electric motors  with Metering Auger Screw or Stainless Steel Mesh Chain discharge.
• Three models to choose from are Standard, Elevated, and Terminal models.  Standard model is for plants with fertilizer and blender on the same elevation, Elevated are for drop down floors from fertilizer level and the terminal model for large capacity high volume users.
• Also available are optional decline n weight micronutrient bins and decline n weight liquid with positive displacement pumps.

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