Engineering & Consultation

LEC’s highly trained engineers provide superior service and intelligent solutions for our clients’ manufacturing issues. LEC provides the solutions needed as well as the documentation to keep up with all details of a project, including schematics, hardware/software manuals, and fabrication details. All of our documents are accurate, easy to follow, and simple to modify.




The core of our flexible workforce includes engineers who are experienced in a variety of disciplines with the capacity to complete a project of any size. Our professionals are passionate about design, fluent with technology, and remain engaged throughout every aspect of each project undertaken.


LEC's Control System Integrators expertly design and implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. Using knowledge of engineering, information technology and business, our experienced team integrates plant equipment to automate manufacturing and processes from the plant floor to the enterprise level.


Automation helps manufacturers and processors reduce cost, increase production, use less energy and lower environmental impact. No project can fully succeed without unwavering attention to technical detail, cost-containment, and a thorough understanding of the Client’s desired outcome. Our knowledge and experience consistently results in providing our Clients with completed projects of the highest quality, delivered on-schedule and on-budget.



At LEC, it is our goal to meet every need of our customers and clients as they relate to control and automation systems. Consulting services offered by LEC range from specification of a single system component to turnkey design-build services. We have an extensive network of resources, both technical and non-technical, which allows us to accommodate client needs during any phase of a project. These services are not specific to any particular market segment and are applicable to both public- and private-sector projects. LEC has been involved in numerous projects providing the following types of services:

• Establishing and evaluating current needs
• Project planning for the purpose of meeting the current needs
• Discovery and due diligence process
• Documentation of existing conditions
• Development of specifications and design drawings
• Fabrication of the necessary control and automation systems
• Programming of PLC’s, HMI’s, control and IT network communications
• Coordination with utilities and service providers
• Coordination and management of contractors and consultants of other disciplines
• Project administration and management
• Coordination and execution of project startup, testing and final acceptance
• Final project documentation and record drawings

• Preventative and predictive maintenance for control and automation systems



Control System Integration

LEC's experienced team of control system integrators design and implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. We leverage our extensive knowledge of engineering, information technology and business to expertly integrate plant equipment to automate manufacturing and processes from the plant floor to the enterprise level. Automation helps manufacturers and processors reduce cost, increase production, use less energy and lower environmental impact.


Our extensive experience with a vast array of hardware and software platforms and their unique communication protocols enables us to effectively integrate multiple machine control systems in accordance with specific Client requirements, whether into a comprehensive control room, SCADA application or otherwise.

Engineering the Components of IIoT

  • LEC offers experienced IIoT enablement, filling the gaps between disparate technologies.
  • Integrating existing field devices and assets into a current IIoT Framework.
  • Connecting disparate systems into a single platform and user interface.
  • Engineering the path of data inputs and outputs to create optimized visibility and control.
  • Developing Ground-up Solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Long-term Support to ensure sustainability while meeting ongoing and future business needs.


With years of Industrial Controls and Automation experience, along with investment in new and innovative technologies and the brightest human resources, LEC INC is truly a market leader in deploying IIoT. Trusted by the industry, wireless carriers, and enterprise customers alike, LEC is a proven partner in business. Learn more: Experienced IIoT Enablement

Experienced Human Resources Behind the Technology

  • Automation Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Programmers
  • Certified Panel Technicians

LEC specializes in providing custom control panel solutions of the highest caliber in the manufacturing industry with a proven track record of satisfying a variety of industrial automation needs. Our team of experienced technicians expertly construct control panels to the highest quality of industry standards using the best products from trusted hardware manufacturers.


Our UL-508A Certified Panel Shop can accommodate any size project, and provides engineering support from design concept to completion.


Additionally, machine welding and many other fabrication services are available, allowing LEC to provide a total hardware solution for your business.


Learn more about LEC's industrial panel design and fabrication services: LEC Industrial Panel Design Brochure

Skid Design & Fabrication

Our engineers, technicians and fabrication teams are available to provide the best quality skid-mounted measurement technologies and mechanical and electrical controls available in the industry, and can manage and advise on your project from initial design through start-up and commissioning. We offer both standard designs for quick turnaround to meet rapidly changing project approvals and tight deadlines, as well as customizable solutions to meet unique regional or application requirements.

Industrial Automation

& Control Systems

Whether a Client is in need of a single-station work cell, a completely, integrated multi-functional assembly line, or the integration of new components into an existing legacy system, as a recognized leading innovator in industrial automation and control system design, our team of highly experienced engineers, programmers, technicians, and software developers focus on providing cost effective solutions for process integration, machine design and build, PLC and RTU programming, HMI SCADA development, production monitoring and reporting, data collection, servo and VFD programming, machine diagnostics and alarming, and panel design.

Comprehensive Industrial Automation

LEC's team has decades of experience in engineering smarter automation systems for industry, delivering real solutions to successfully solve critical process and control application challenges. We are committed to the continuous training of our team and to the innovation advancement of our industrial automation services.

Secure Cellular

Machine-to-Machine Communication

When responding to the increasing need for the integration of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications into new and legacy industrial control systems and monitoring platforms, locating a single company capable of efficiently addressing all of a Client's specific IIoT needs is critical; fortunately, we simplify wireless data acquisition and control processes by providing networks, hardware and custom-designed systems to accommodate each Client's unique requirements. Our secure, reliable and fully redundant platform has the flexibility to be configured for any application, ranging from a simple hardware and/or transport system to a complete end-to-end solution.


Learn more: Experienced IIoT Enablement

Industrial Networking Systems

As companies continue to increasingly rely on electronic connectivity in their processes, utilization of comprehensive industrial networking systems provide many benefits towards increasing your ability to connect and communicate. As such systems are capable of producing enormous amounts of data, it is critical that your system is designed for both efficiency and effectiveness, as well as being user-friendly for those who operate it. Our engineers, programmers and technicians are experts in the design and installation of systems and data highways that can both be integrated into your existing LAN, and record and present your data in virtually any graphic screen or report format.


Learn more: Network & Connectivity

Complete Liquid & Gas


LEC experienced engineers are experts in custody transfer liquid measurement, providing top notch meter proving and calibration services throughout the world for a wide range of industries such as refining, petrochemical, pipeline, food-and-beverage, utilities and automotive.

Green Systems

Recognizing the importance of environmental protection and long-term sustainability, our systems are designed to provide the most effective solution for our Clients while also offering less waste and better energy efficiency. We pay close attention to every detail of our process to ensure that the products and services we provide meet a “green” standard.

Replacement Components

We have a commitment to providing every nature of support for our Client’s systems throughout their service life. This commitment not only applies to providing remote assistance and on-site support but also includes the replacement of hardware when a failure occurs, and when necessary we offer replacement components for every aspect of your control or automation system.

On-Site & Remote Support

LEC’s newly-launched, cutting-edge SolveIT™ Technical Support Center provides Clients with direct, 24/7 access to data, project information and support request updates using the latest technology compatible with today's browsers and mobile devices. SolveIT™ is a user-friendly and highly-collaborative cloud-based system designed to give Clients instant access to detailed information regardless of locale.


SolveIT™ features data sharing, Client data input capabilities, support ticket tracking, project tracking, hardware information and much more, increasing overall project management effectiveness. Access our SolveIT™ Technical Support Center 24-hours a day!


Clients can expect a response within two hours of ticket submission during regular business hours of 8am - 5pm CT on Monday through Friday, or within two hours of the start of the next business day if submission is outside of regular business hours.


First-time solveIT™ users, please email for account set-up assistance and login information.  For more information view our solveIT Quick Start Guide.


Learn more: SolveIT™



Our skilled professionals provide software programming services for a variety of brands of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Not only do we produce software that is easy for the Client to use, our software is organized, simplified and contains descriptive comments in order to provide our Clients the information they need to maintain their equipment.



Regardless of the complexity of your HMI needs, our professionals are able to provide sophisticated, user-friendly systems that are easy to operate, and have extensive experience in designing and programming a wide variety of operator interface systems.



Our professionals are skilled in the design, installation and commissioning of an extensive array of motion-control components and variable speed drives, helping to provide smooth operation of electronic gearing, contouring and circular motion applications.



When an application involves the operation of potentially dangerous machinery (such as conveyors and blenders) or the monitoring of equipment, motors and other devices from a remote location, LEC has extensive experience in providing solutions utilizing a variety of wireless controls and I/O devices in accordance with your particular requirements.