Evolution of LEC


Since its establishment in 1989, LEC has continued to provide innovative and groundbreaking industrial automation and control engineering, and Industrial IoT enablement platform solutions. Initially producing only control and automation system integrations and plant floor applications to now utilizing cutting-edge industrial private cellular network communication technology with the launch of the iQ2™ platform, LEC prides itself in continuously turning clients’ visions into functionality and leading the industry forward. With our ever-expanding initiatives and competitive services, we have grown to encompass two offices in the southeast and extended our reach to a global level.


A Message from LEC's President


LEC 30 Fast Facts


With decades of experience, LEC is well established and has work that spans a vast array of verticals and applications. With the assistance of our accomplished and professional engineers, we are implementing smarter systems through integrating sophisticated control processes, skid designs and fabrications, and consulting services. Since our founding, the extension of our reach has increased and we have gained a number of fundamental partners, such as Adams Fertilizer Equipment, AMES, Inc., Aqua Products, Inc., AT&T, Control Components Northwest, GraybaR, Option, Red Lion Controls, Tesco Controls, U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Walker Industrial and Werner Electric Supply. Our primary goal with each project is always to create a new standard of quality to strive towards. Our multidisciplinary approach of addressing this challenge allows us to successfully achieve our goals time and time again.


LEC 30th Anniversary


In 2013, LEC adopted a corporate growth strategy solely focused on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enablement technology with the mission being to simplify wireless data acquisition and fill the gaps between disparate technologies. Our IIoT platforms provide the ability to extract data and enable control remotely, data logging and reporting functionality, reliable alarm and fault notification systems and extensive data visualizations, analytics and controls. Applying IIoT capabilities, LEC advanced the technology with the creation of iQ Web SCADA™ and iQ2™, being utilized by oil and gas, transportation, water/wastewater and other key industries. These remote access features for corporations are key to the efficiency and accuracy of their production processes, and with over 140 years of combined experience, LEC is able to provide clients with the highest-quality performances.


LEC Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence in Engineering Smarter Systems that Move Industry Forward


Our commitment to clients and determination to lead the industry propels LEC forward in of state-of-the-art and experimental technology as well as building a strong foundation of strategic partnerships. We focus on a client-centric approach by providing after-hours support, customized training sessions and infuse remote access features, so we are able to proactively resolve any issues that may arise. It is this dedication of striving for excellence that places us above our competition. Throughout our first thirty years of operations, LEC has garnered national recognition, gained platform partners and transformed automation engineering and cloud platform services. We can only imagine what the next thirty years have in stored for us, but we do know if it can be envisioned, LEC can make it a reality.

LEC 30 Years

LEC began as a controls, automation and systems integration-based engineering firm providing plant floor application services through machine OEMs


Expanded services to include professional engineering


Increased focus on providing communication and data acquisition solutions with a wider geographic footprint


Registered as professional engineering firm


Launched LEC's first IIOT platform: iQ Web SCADA™


iQ2™ launched and received multiple awards


Celebrates 30 years of moving industry forward